The Lusk Technologies Service Desk Launches Today

LT Service Desk

Toronto, Ontario – August, 2019 – Lusk Technologies is always looking to improve on the overall customer experience. Today, we make traction on that statement by providing all of our clientele access to the Lusk Technologies Service Desk ( ).

Powered by ngDesk, the Service Desk will allow for a streamlined change request process for our fully-managed clients. This makes the Service Desk perfect for those situations where you need an edit or update made to your hosted site and can track the progress without digging through your email. Emails sent to the support inbox ( [email protected] ) will now auto-generate a Service Desk ticket. Users can also log into the Service Desk to view current ticket status, provide updates or open a new ticket.

Need to open a ticket but away from your email? You can also open a new ticket by sending a text message to +1-226-773-9053 (when doing so, please be sure to include your name and company, at least for the first ticket so your phone number can be properly linked to a client profile).

The average response time for a ticket submitted via the Service Desk is 24 business hours. Priority 1 issues, such as a website not loading, should still be opened by calling +1-866-LUSKTECH ( +1-866-587-5832 ).

Be sure to check in with often as we continue to roll-out new enhancements and new product offerings.

About Lusk Technologies

Lusk Technologies (“LT”) is a sole-proprietorship Information Technology business registered with the Government of Ontario (Registration: ON-280781386). We offer affordable cloud-based solutions for individuals and small business operating on a small budget. For more information, please visit