Lusk Technologies partners with Duo Security

Lusk Technologies partners with Duo Security

Passwords simply aren’t enough anymore. Enter Duo.

Toronto, Ontario – January, 2019 – Lusk Technologies has entered a partnership with Duo Security, a division of Cisco Systems, Inc.

Over 80% of hacking-related breaches leveraged weak, default or stolen passwords.


Passwords on their own aren’t secure. Here at LT, we understand that. That is why we have chosen to partner with Duo Security to offer greater protections for our clients and their users. Local access, Remote access, Cloud services, BYOD and many, many more resources can all be protected by Duo’s Unified Access Security solution and we can get you setup.

Duo provides us with the ability to enable Multi-Factor Authentication on a multitude of different services and platforms to provide our customers with the best security practices to protect their digital assets.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-Factor Authentication (“MFA”), also referred to as Two-Factor Authentication (“2FA”), is the concept of requiring 2 different forms of identification in order to access a resource. An example is a password (something you “know”) and security token (something you “have”). This provides a great extra layer of security. Even if you have the password, you still need physical access to the token. Even if you have the token, you still need to know the password.

So is Duo just MFA?

Definitely not. MFA is just one example of the services we can now provide. Some others include Endpoint Monitoring to ensure devices connecting to your resources are properly secured as well as Adaptive Authentication so users can only access resources that meet specified criteria. Maybe you only want your users accessing sensitive documents from the office? Done! Block all login attempts except those from North America? Done! Those examples are just a small sample of services we can provide.

I’m interested in better security, how do I learn more?

If you’d like more information on what this new LT + Duo partnership can do for you or your business, reach out to us today via [email protected] or call us toll-free at 1-866-LUSKTECH (1-866-587-5832)

And remember: Better online security isn’t just about big businesses. Individuals can benefit greatly from our security solutions as well!

About Duo Security

Duo Security makes security painless, so you can focus on what’s important. Our scalable, cloud-based Trusted Access platform addresses security threats before they become a problem, by verifying the identity of your users and the health of their devices before they connect to the applications you want them to access. Thousands of organizations worldwide use Duo, including Facebook, Toyota, Panasonic and MIT. Duo is backed by Google Ventures, True Ventures, Radar Partners, Redpoint Ventures and Benchmark. We’re located from coast to coast and across the sea. Visit to find out more.

About Lusk Technologies

Lusk Technologies (“LT”) is a sole-proprietorship Information Technology business registered with the Government of Ontario (Registration: ON-280781386). We offer affordable cloud-based solutions for individuals and small business operating on a small budget. For more information, please visit